Friday, March 31, 2017

Having fun 2

I may have hit on an idea for my older two grandsons. One likes dragons, I may see if I can have him draw me a dragon or find a free one that I could use and put it onto a quilt.  The other one enjoys my coloring books and likes a couple of the fractured animals.  I may see if I can enlarge and put the animal onto the quilt.  That way they would always know their quilt. 

I'm still working on a modern block and may have found an idea for that too.  I want to play some more and see if I can refine it to exactly what I'm looking for.  It would use 2-1/2" strips for the block.  It would need a sashing or negative space so it isn't so busy.  I'm still working on that issue for when it is all put together.  I may put some solid blocks around to rest the eyes. Back to playing!

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