Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

It has been 4 months and Wow did time fly!  I have been working on improving my health and taking care of myself.  I've also been taking care of grandchildren. The new baby is 5 months old and looks like he is 9 -12 months. He is a big boy.  2 of the other grandsons are here while their dad works 2nd shift and their step mom picks them up on her way home. It's only and hour and a half but they keep me busy while they are here.

I actually haven't done a whole lot of quilting.  I have a few things that I need to get done, but the grands do keep me busy.  Dear Hubby took 2-1/2 weeks vacation and that threw a monkey wrench into some of my plans.  He surprised me(did not tell me) that he was on vacation and that we would be day tripping. I wouldn't have minded if I had known. Once we worked everything out, it was fun.

My guild had a garage sale and I picked up a dragon applique that someone had started.  It is reverse applique and twin size. It has 2 pieces that I will be removing and replacing with a different color.  Other than that it hadn't been worked on.  By the time I add borders it should be double /queen sized.  The other older grand son has changed his mind about 3 times for what he wants. I will work on the dragon and then go from there.

It is 85 degrees and partially sunny at the moment. The humidity is high also.  Thunderstorms and rain possible for tonight.  I'm hoping for less humidity later in the week.

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